Plants of NS App

Some screentshots from the app

This was a term project I was assigned at Acadia University. The goal was to create an iOS app which presents the data contained in and mimics the functionality of the Nova Scotia Plants book. Additionally a data entry tool was required for entering the book into a database for use.

I was told that I shouldn’t be aiming to complete the project, but to get a well documented start on it including database design, research, and code. The rest of the project was supposed to be completed by a summer student. Both the app and the data entry portal were considered feature complete when I passed them on at the end of my time with the project.



Data Entry:

Mid Term Writeup

Here you can find a project report I wrote with information about the app, database design, as well as mocks.


Below you can see a sparsely worded slide deck I created for a presentation of my work. It contains a good number of gifs of the app in action.